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Scientific erotic seduction


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Scientific erotic hypnosis official website

Scientific Hypnosis Erotica online welcomes you to its official website.
Sexual Energy is the basis of life.
Psychological theories views sex as the basis of behaviour.
Here you will find rare and unique articles related to applications of NLP-3, hypnosis and quantum techniques to the field of sexual psychology for:

  1. mastering irresistible speed seduction techniques

  2. improving your skills in sexual communication, and in comprehension of the hidden meanings of the non verbal communication.

  3. obtaining enhanced sexual pleasure and orgasm

  4. gaining control on the sexual force: the origin of life.

  5. climax engineering

  6. erotic roles-playing engineering

  7. sexual therapy for ejaculation disorders and frigidity

  8. building self-esteem in sexual relations and dating preliminaries

  9. overcoming excessive timidity and shiness-related obstacles in romantic relationships

  10. extending the duration of sexual intercourse by delaying male ejaculation

  11. modify sexual behaviour patterns through post-hypnotic suggestions

  12. overcome sexual fear, taboo, complexes, and mental dislikes in yourself and your partner

how can all these sexual "miracles" be possible?

Scientific Erotic hypnosis is a vast field that has its foundations in clinical medical hypnosis, yet it has an evolutionary history of its own since it has developed more in the direction of personal growth rather than its therapeutical uses. Neurolinguistic programming is a branch of psychology that deals with human engineering and planned behavior modification. We, at the ISI-CNV International Institute have studied in depth all facets of human psychology, included the sexual area.

Why Scientific Erotic Hypnosis?

Every element you will find on this website was tested.
Scientific means reproducible. Scientific is alos the spirit we have in studying and developing this science.

what is NLP-3? how does it relate to Scientific erotic hypnosis?

NLP-3 is the latest technology in human engineering and it was developed by the ISI-CNV Research Team after years of investigations in the classical clinical literature as well as in the ancient wisdoms heritage. For example, in the field of Hypnosis Erotica we have managed to combine the modern findings of clinical psychology together with ancient wisdoms such as Tantra and Kamasutra. Most of our research material is restricted to our workshops and will not be due to release for still a while yet. Nevertheless, we have decided to share part of our files in order to shed light in the field of Erotic Hypnosis for the general public.

scientific erotic hypnosis VS quackery...

The Internet offers many sites dealing with erotic hypnosis, covering a vast range of related matters. Unfortunately too many of these websites are up to conning people into handing over to them their money in exchange of false promises. Other sites are runned by well intentioned people who unfortunately lack of sound knowledge in the hypnotic field. Among this confusion are the professionals of Hypnosis Erotica who are actively engaged in spreading the good news that people can improve their sexual life and pleasure.

We have decided to start our information campaign by offering a free eBook that can be downloaded and viewed offline. This eBook contains all the information that is vital for those who are interested in Erotic Hypnosis.

Free eBook:
“Keys To Erotic Hypnosis”

Keys To Erotic Hypnosis, by Alessandro Manica, free eBook Download this Free eBook!

“Keys To Erotic Hypnosis” is a comprehensive book for understanding erotic hypnosis in the light of NLP-3 (Next-Generation Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

The author — a distinguished specialist in the filed and researcher for the ISI-CNV International Institute — exposes in 20 chapters all the issues that surround this vast field, taking into account all its facets — separating that which has sound scientific basis from that which is merely fraudolent.

This book which you are about to download will change your sexual life for ever...