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erotic hypnosis conditioning

NLP-3 has brought erotic hypnosis conditioning to unthinkable heights. Today we have the tools to condition the mind over the body and achieve control over the physical factors of our sexual life. More on this aspect inside our free eBook “Keys To Erotic Hypnosis

“Being brought to climax just through the use of words is a great thing to experience and an exciting experience to give. The intensity of the climax will surprise you and eventually even shock you. Once you have experienced it, the question is: where do we go from here? How can we apply this to normal lovemaking sessions to spice up our sexual life in a way that makes sense too? Is the creation and enhancement of feelings everything we can do in this context with hypnosis or is there more?

“For sure there is more. As an example the rigidity of the male member can be hypnotically reinforced, the whole “mechanical” process of copulation can be perfectioned so that both partners will have the best of it. It is possible to extend the duration of one session to several hours or even days through hypnotic ejaculatory control of the male sexual organ. In fact, you can give the suggestion to the man, that he will come closer and closer to orgasm, that his senses and his muscles will run wild while getting so close to ejaculation, being just on the edge of it but only reaching ejaculation when both partners want to. This is something what probably most women dream of, and that men are not able to deliver because they are unable consciously to hold their ejaculation back when they reach a certain threshold during climax. [...]”

[quoted from: Keys To Erotic Hypnosis]