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types of erotic hypnosis conditioning

Mental conditioning is a key feature of Erotic Hypnosis. Many goals can be achieved within one’s self or the coupple through implementation of the NLP-3 techniques that make up hypnotic conditioning.


“We should now make another very important distinction in the types of suggestions that you can implement in the field of erotic hypnosis: we will start by examining suggestions that affect the mind of the subject permanently, then we will discuss suggestions with restrictions regarding duration, space and acting field, then we will talk about triggers, finally we will mention what is, and what is possible to achieve with, the waking hypnosis state of mind.

“Let’s start with permanent conditioning.

a) Permanent conditioning

“Those are PHS that you chose to give being sure that they will fit in any situation. This does not mean that they cannot be removed: putting the subject in trance again and giving proper counter suggestions can be successfully accomplished; until the counter suggestions would be given, though, the subject will continue to be affected by the PHS in each and every moment of his entire life. A suggestion of this type that we already encountered is, for example, the one that our subconscious will constantly be thinking of new ways to enchant each other, day and night, and make them available to the conscious mind when appropriate. [...]

b) Restricted conditioning

“Despite what people think, permanent PHS, which in usual hypnotherapy work make up the overwhelming part of the given suggestions, are only a minority when we take a look at erotic hypnosis, due to the very particular context in which they occur. Simply put: being driven wild by the simple thought of your mate will not improve your efficiency at work, will not help you drive more safely and won’t be useful when playing soccer or golf. Even in the intimacy of the relationship, at home or elsewhere, there are times where being physically “sucked in” by the strength of the perceived aura of your mate can be counterproductive. You have more to talk about with your mate than just about love and sex. Information about the daily social events wants to be exchanged and eventually discussed; decisions have to be taken, and so forth. [...]

c)  Triggers & Anchors

“You all know what you do with a trigger, like the one you find in guns or in an old fashioned pinball. You pull it, “fire it” and something happens. Since we aim at building the most harmonious relationship through the ethical correct use of hypnotherapy, you might have probably understood that we are not talking about an extreme possible solution to a conflict between husband and wife, but more of how and what you can “fire” with hypnosis. You can fire suggestions, feelings, trances and states of mind of limitless complexity, thoughts, entire scripts, changes in visual, auditory and/or kinaesthetic perception, mechanical movements, partial and limited amnesia, hallucinations, so much as everything that you can accomplish with one or a whole set of suggestions. When you fire states of mind like the one of being in love and above all the most common used, the hypnotic trance itself, you speak of firing an “anchor”. The anchor is per definition the instantaneous recall of a state of mind, though even states of mind that have never been experienced before can be fired with triggers. The important aspect of triggers is that everything you “fire” will instantly affect the subject from the moment on you fire it, unless you explicitly suggest a delay while setting the trigger. Well, then, how do you fire it? A trigger can be something you see, something you say, something you feel, an event that happens or even a series of stimuli of different nature. So then, let’s see how we can improve the quality of the hypnotic conditioning of our sex life with triggers and anchors. [...]

e)  Triggers and PHS that “wear out”

“Now we are approaching the “advanced fun zone” by at the same time getting safely rid of one of the dangers mentioned before. The concept we want to implement is something like a time-limited universe of suggestions that can be given subsequently and all wear out at the same time, for example midnight, leaving absolutely no trace whatsoever of everything that has been suggested in the period of time that goes from the creation of this “universe” to midnight. What drives is that we want to dare more without risking the short circuit. [...]

f)  Waking Hypnosis

“There is one last hypnotic phenomena that we have to discuss, since it is helpful to achieve more flexibility and remove some possible trickery when giving suggestions.

PHS that are simple in nature, meaning those where you need only one or few sentences to formulate them and have an immediate impact, do not have to be spoken out when the subject is in a deep somnambulistic trance. You can achieve this by telling the subject following statement while (s)he is still in deep trance: “ On the count of three I am going to wake you up, but you will still be in a state of hyper suggestibility and everything I suggest will instantly happen… one, two, three

“[...] Waking hypnosis is sometimes used in another context: people acting normally while still in a deep hypnotic state. This state differs from the previously mentioned for the extent that the subject will not remember anything after getting out of trance unless you instruct her/his subconscious to do so.

“We have now covered all the structures that are necessary to build up even the most complex patterns to enhance your relationship in any way you like using hypnotic suggestions. Have lots of fun and if you think you created something really original with them write us and tell us your experiences.”

[quoted from: Keys To Erotic Hypnosis]