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erotic hypnosis and love boosting

Love-Engineering: fiction or reality? Well, be aware that through NLP-3 and erotic hypnosis you can master the science and art of engineering any state of consciousness, and love is a state of consciousness! People who have frequently switched in-and-out of hypnotic trance and altered states of consciousness can easily grasp the potentials that reside in NLP-3 techniques for SASE (Spontaneous Altered-States Engineering).

NLP-3 has studied in depth altered states of consciousness, both though practical hypnotic workshops as well as through the rare literature on the subject. We, at the ISI-CNV International Institute, have sifted thoroughly all the research of scientists like Dr. J.C. Lilly and Charles Tart, as well as the ancient sciences of the soul — like Qabbalah, Sufism and Indian mystical traditions.

“What does it mean to be “in love”? Can we amplify the state?

“We can surely say that “love” is not “a feeling”, but a state of mind, where many emotions and other psychological factors concur, again depending on the imprints of the single subjects. [...]

“These feelings might not be the same for both genders though, in other words the way a man loves a woman is not necessarily the same of the way a woman loves a man. We would just like to give you some hints on how to construct such a loving feeling; how you will apply these hints, which of the suggestions you will give to each other will be of permanent nature and which will have time/space boundaries is up to you.

“One major characteristic that has been crystallized by makers of hypnotic love potions through the years and is regularly applied in cults, is the sensation of IRRESISTIBLE SWEETNESS and TENDERNESS that you feel when you look at your mate, eventually even when you just think of her/him. You might have experienced this kind of feeling especially in your childhood and youth, watching a scene that “moved your heart”, perhaps it was the innocence of living and playing furry animals, maybe a particular situation in a movie, or even a true and living human being. You don’t need to have developed the feeling to its maximum extent: we just need a bit of it, something we can “tap in”, anything to which the subject can refer because it’s in her/his memories. Like a DNA-print, we can build a whole living being from a single blood cell, in other words, we can make this feeling stronger and stronger to heights of intensity that the subject has never experienced and never even thought possible experiencing. [...]

“[...] One way to amplify the “mother of all feelings” could be by suggesting that every single cell of the body feels affected by the physical love sensation and that the vibrations that are coming from the voice of the beloved (which we will have previously treated and modified, if desired, with proper suggestions) resonate physically in each and every cell, too. You should take the effect of this suggestion as more real that you could possibly imagine now, since the subconscious mind is known to run throughout our body [...]

“Another interesting aspect when we speak of a hypnotically induced love feeling, is that the feelings of sweetness, tenderness, innocence and purity have no link whatsoever to a state of sexual arousal when these two kinds of states are separately observed “in vitro”, but a state of arousal can easily be linked to them by proper hypnotic conditioning. The crosslink of both states of mind leads inevitably to the deepest and most intense experiences ever imagined, transcendental sex as it was meant to be.

“There are several ways with which we can extend the state of mind of being in love, many of which imply the use of regression techniques and eventually (not at all necessarily), installing new imprints. [...]

“[...] One of the most important lessons you can get from the experience of having really loved someone is that, if love is rewarded in the same way, it is something from which your whole being can benefit: you become more mature, grow spiritually, feel great inside and walk emotionally on water even in troubled daily life situations. [...] ”

[quoted from: Keys To Erotic Hypnosis]