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Hypnosleep & Erotic Hypnosis

Hypnosleep is a simple yet very effective technique that you can use to induce and access powerful trance states in order to accomplish the highest tasks of erotic hypnosis engineering, such as:

  1. compulsive behaviors modification

  2. custom-designed strategies implantation

  3. post hypnotic commands deep delivery

  4. past-memories recovery and restructuring

  5. resolution of deeply unconscious conflicts

  6. overcoming fears and taboos

  7. engineering new sexuals skills, fantasies and roles

compulsive behaviors modification

There are some sexual tendencies which can be compulsive in nature and disturb our life. Hypnosleep combined with NLP-3 is an ideal method for altering those patterns of disturbance and substituting them with behaviors that are more pleasant for the person. Compulsive behaviors are rooted in deeply unconscious nuclei where conflicts, desires and crystalized beliefs converge forming a solid block that is permeable to conscious resistance.

custom-designed strategies implantation

Improving our sexual life requires more than just intentions and planning, it requires strategies for building and implanting strategies — what is known as meta-strategical approach. NLP-3 teaches how to design a desired strategy and implant it on the subject. For this scope, hypnosleep is the ideal method of work in erotic hypnosis because it provides the ideal context that enables the hypnotist to apply all his resources for working on the deep self.

post hypnotic commands deep delivery

Hypnosleep can grant you the most efficient context for erotic hypnosis applications. Post-hypnotic commands have shown to work better when delivered during a hypnosleep session. Post hypnotic commands are an essential tool of erotic hypnosis since they can be used to engineer a wide variety of behaviors that will be carried out outside of the hypnotic session, in everyday life. Its uses and applications are limited only by our fantasy and desires!

past-memories recovery and restructuring

Erotic hypnosis may lead us to work on past memories. Let’s make an example... A couple that has been together for a long time might face a decline in sexual desire from one or both of the partners. Past-Memory work comes at hand for recovering old memories of the times in which desire was vampant and always present, making the subject re-experience them as-if occuring now and enabling him/her to gain contact with those aspects that used to flare his/her desires, so that he/she might bring them back from the hypnotic sessions and re-install them in the present perception of the situation.

resolution of deeply unconscious conflicts

What is worse than a strong sexual pulsion which drives us toward thoughts and action which makes us feel unconfortable or guilty, ashamed, etc?! Hypnosleep will enable us to solve these conflicts in order that we either become free to live our sexual drives with no mental backlashes or we can extirpate the sexual desires that create chaos in us — we only have to choose what we want! As the old saying goes: “You can’t have both the barrel full and the wife drunk.”

overcoming fears and taboos

Erotic hypnosis can help us (or our partner) to enjoy those sexual behaviors that are wished but not carried-out due to fears of taboos. Overcoming fears and sexual taboos can be accomplished through a delicate work of intervention on the belief-systems structure.

Enjoy sexual freedom both in your acts and in your heart.

engineering new sexuals skills, fantasies and roles

Hypnosis erotica can be employed to design those new roles of fantasies and skills which would flare up our sexual life. There are people who like to enjoy during sexual entertainment a different role than the one ordinary provided to them by everyday life and social circumstances. Fantasy can become unrestrained in the sexual sphere, and NLP-3 Erotic Hypnosis is the means to unleash it and keep it under control.

“If you want to experience hypnosis you need to find a way to hypnotize your partner and let yourself be hypnotized by her/him. There are no “special powers” that a hypnotist has, despite what some people even think today. Most of the techniques that are used by therapists are tricky, though, presupposing a lot of background study, and might even not always succeed. We will provide you with a very simple yet extremely effective way to elicit trance that most therapists won’t be able to use, since at the same time it fits perfectly in the boundaries of your relationship: Hypnosleep.

“[...] This technique, which was first written down by Dave Elman in his remarkable and most famous work “Hypnotherapy”, published in 1964, was probably known already to the ancient Greeks. Hypnosleep works through elicitation of a very deep trance state by starting from normal sleep: yes, a person can be easily hypnotized while asleep if using the right words and observing some simple rules, and where can this technique be best performed, if not in the intimacy of your own bed?

“[...] you must first get to know the hypnotic depths that are usually taught by and for hypnotists. It is said that a subject is taken from the waking to a full somnambulistic state, when the hypnotist is able to perform all the known hypnotic phenomena with the subject, like anaesthesia, positive and negative hypnotic and posthypnotic hallucinations (a negative hallucination is something that is really there and is not seen by the subject, the subject sees through something), amnesia and so forth. [...] Behind somnambulism lies the Esdaile state, or “hypnotic coma”, a state of mind that is very deep and is most of the time not necessary for therapeutic sessions, a state of mind where the subject will not respond to questions given by the operator because the muscles rest, though his subconscious will still be listening and carrying out suggestions with some delay. [...] Deeper than Esdaile, after having approached a spontaneous catatonic state of threshold, we find Ultradepth ©, its characteristic being Rapid Eye Movement in deep hypnosis and extreme muscle flaccidity. Hypnosleep lies in depth between Deep Somnambulism and the Esdaile State . Dave Elman described it at the most profound state of hypnosis ever found [...]

“An ideomotoric signal is something like a “reflex” that the subconscious gives on its own when asked for it, with no conscious effort at all or like Bandler would suggest “with honest unconscious movement”. One of the most popular ways to prove if communication with the subconscious has been established is though the use of ideomotoric finger signals, and this we will use for our Hypnosleep induction. [...]

“Once you have achieved the trance state, it is very easy to “anchor” it for future usage. This means that you won’t have to perform the whole Hypnosleep induction with your mate again, you will be able to put her/him instantly in trance again. I will show you here just one example of how to anchor the state while the subject is in trance (you will, of course, fail in your proposal if you perform this when (s)he is awake).”

[quoted from: Keys To Erotic Hypnosis]