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healing frigidity and other sexual dysfunctions with hypnosis

Many sexual dysfunctions are psychologically based. NLP-3 and Erotic Hypnosis may help in solving some of these problems.

Low self-esteem and performance-anxiety are often the root of failing sexual performance, premature ejaculation and other phenomena that deprive the person (and often his/her partner) of full enjoyment of sexual life.

“When we talk about human sexuality, the field of pleasure erotica is not the one for which hypnosis is most often applied. In fact, because of common beliefs in conjunction with misinformation and historical reasons, a potential client is more likely to visit a hypnotherapist when (s)he has a very serious problem that represents an obstacle to a normal sex life rather than for amplifying the good “vibrations” (s)he already gets. [...]

“One of the simplest problems that can be easily solved with hypnotherapy is surely premature ejaculation in males. You really do not need expensive hours of regression work to accomplish that: a good Hypnosleep induction and a simple script (like the one you find in the book by Wendi Friesen) will do the trick.

“If you want to develop a script for premature ejaculation yourself, then please remember to avoid negation, in other words “You won’t ejaculate until you really want to” is a bad suggestion and should be stated positively like “you can behold your semen as long as you want and have many orgasms before ejaculating”. Adding visualizations will improve, if necessary, the efficiency of the given suggestions.

“Another very common problem that is presented by clients when approaching therapy and that is not a sexual dysfunction in itself but is closely related because it is relevant in the context of seduction is low self esteem . This can be, partly, solved through proper hypnotherapy work, at best in conjunction with psychological assistance. This is a sector of the estimated 2.4 billion Dollar self-help industry that really flourishes: hundreds of different audiotapes containing hypnotic suggestions to build self esteem or confidence in yourself are already available and can be purchased maybe even in your nearest bookstore. As always, do not expect miracles with pre-recorded hypnosis tapes. Reframing yourself could be more useful. [...]

[quoted from: Keys To Erotic Hypnosis]