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Erotic Hypnosis And Hypno-Seduction

Seduction is an art which has been elevated to the status of a science through NLP-3 human engineering techniques.

Erotic Hypnosis will provide you with the following seduction skills:

  1. maximum speed seduction

  2. instant rapport through NLP-3

  3. fast personality-type decoding

  4. personality-traits exploitation

  5. delivering covert commands

  6. subliminal arousal techniques

  7. understanding sexual body language

  8. use your own body language to boost sex appeal

maximum speed seduction

NLP-3 provides all the required tools for delivering a 360° attack to your opposite-sex interlocutor, so that you will surely bypass any conscious barrier or resistance. By finely tuning and calibrating your communication (verbal and non verbal) to your interlocutor by means of precise analysis of the feedback signals which he/she sends you, you will be able to handle any sistuation dynamically. This means that every move on the chessboard of the ongoing relation will be a step that you make into the other’s territory, thus swiftly entering into your interlocutor’s private sphere without him/her opposing resistance.

instant rapport through NLP-3

Instant rapport consists in a set of techniques fashioned together so as to grant you to achieve in the easier and faster way possible to build rapport with any interlocutor in any circumstance. The key principles on which NLP-3 Instant Rapport builds on are pacing, mirroring and leading.

To pace and to mirror a person means to emulate his/her communication styles so that we make his/her feel at ease with us because he/she perceives us as a reflection of his/her innermost states of being — in order to refuse us he/she would have to refuse himself/herself. When we pace and mirror we are moving toward the other. Pacing and mirroring operates at a subconscious level and is not hindered by sexual differences (we at ISI-CNV have devolepd new techniques that engage sexual responses by doublebinding the various sexual levels).

Pacing is the key to building profound rapport. Once rapport has been achieved, the next step is to lead.

Leading means that you stop following (pacing and mirroring) the other, instead you gradually shift to moving toward your desired direction while making sure that he/she follows you in your communicational shifts. All this requires an accurate calibration through feedback-signals analysis. Since rapport was already established, and rapport is a state of being which produces wellbeing in the parts involved, the interlocutor will tend to follow you unconsciouly as long as following you will grant him/her the pleasure of rapport. At this level of pacing we enter in the domain of avanced covert communication skills, where anchors, triggers and embedded commands are employed subliminally to taylor a mesh of punishment/reward types of stimuli that provide maximum calibration of the other’s states of mind — states and meta-states engineering.

personality-type decoding

NLP-3 offers fast and effective techniques for instant personality-type decoding — often referred-to as geometry of the self. By combining together the Hexagram and the Enneagram with NLP advanced skills, we have developed an infallible approach to decoding the personality of any interlocutor within minutes through analysis of his verbal patterns, body language and belief systems.

personality-traits exploitation

Once the personality type of an interlocutor has been elicited we can proceed to exploit all the known virtues and short-comings that are associated to that type. By having in mind a full picture of the personality type we gain a position of advantage over the interlocutor who doesn’t immagine we have possibly gathered so much knowledge of him/her in such a short time, therefore leaving him/her with a lowered guard while launching attacks at 360°.

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Erotic Hypnosis rotates around the psychological levers that we can pull and trigger in the other person in order to move him/her toward our desired direction.

covert commands

Covert commands exclusively belong to the realm of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP-3 has developed new techniques of covert commanding and sleight-of-mouth engineering. Delivering covert commands means giving orders that cannot be disobeyed, because they bypass the conscious barriers! There are different categories of covert commands, the most powerful being embedded commands, ie: commands that are embedded inside what appear the be ordinary colloquial senteces.

subliminal arousal techniques

NLP-3 has grouped together a wide range of techniques in order to design strategies which are capable of arousing sexual desires in our interlocutor. What was once the sole dominion of super experts in hypnosis has now been render accessible to the large public through our workshops dealing specifically with the issue of Erotic Hypnosis and Seduction.

understanding sexual body language

Undestanding body language is a pillar of erotic hypnosis. In order to calibrate our communication to others we must constantly interpret in real-time the feeback signals that our interlocutor sends us through his body — voice tone, pitch and shifts; facial expressions; body postures; management of interpersonal space; etc.

using your body language to boost sex appeal

Once mastered the art of reading others’ body language, the next step is becoming masters of our own body language, so that we can send any intended message with our body. Sometimes we will need to keep maximum congruence between our speech and our body signals, other times we will rather make our body say things that speech and social etiquette do not allow in our culture!

You can master the expertise of sending unequivocal sexual invitation signals in an irresistible way. During any social interaction thousands of unnoticed sexual signs spring out spontaneously and too often die because they are not promptly picked. Believe it or not, you can seduce someone just by manoeuvreing the subconscious bodily communication that takes place in the background of any social situation.

The body signs that announce the dormant sexual desire are subtle to pick-up, yet so easy to flare-up!

“[...] one thing is to persuade the person you want to engage in a love affair (and afterwards eventually even a relationship) with you, something completely different is to amplify the loving feelings and the sexual pleasure, when finally the agreement between the two counterparts has been found. In the first case we speak of Seduction, in the second of real Erotic Hypnosis [...]

“The fields of seduction, which we could see as foreplay, and erotic hypnosis, which is (from our point of view) the real thing, are somehow overlapping though, because many of the techniques used by the different schools of seduction, especially the ones who apply techniques used normally in NLP & NLP-3 , tend to arouse the imagination of the person that has to be seduced, following the common belief that sex begins in the mind. The state of arousal is created to overcome resistance or, even better, to lead the victim of the seduction process to apparently take control of the situation, by performing the physical action ultimately desired by the seducer or the seductress. This state of arousal finds its natural conclusion in the climax of the sexual act, therefore we can state that patterns of seduction affect the field that is considered primarily the one of erotic hypnosis [...] Thanks to mutual trust, respect and understanding, the depths of lust and the most intriguing desires and fantasies can come to mind. This is where erotic hypnosis can unleash its full potential, both in the process of building mutual trust and understanding as well as in the safe realization of hidden fantasies or even the projection of desired emotions on the partner and getting back the thrill too.

“The field is, in fact, nearly unlimited; the potential boundaries are given only by the common sense and mutual respect of both partners, since we intend erotic hypnosis not only as a tool where the therapist does the conditioning work after eventually in-depth-psychoanalysis and regression work: when used at its best, trance work applied in a relationship is the ultimate tool with which you please your mate and back, a give and take that closely resembles the lovemaking process and aims at amplifying and deepening it; a process that should at best take place in the intimacy of two connected souls, leaving to the therapist only the role of the counsellor (and eventually of the inducer of the first hypnotic trance).

“ [...] Let’s do a step-back: before erotic hypnosis lies the realm of seduction. The literature on this matter is infinite, but mostly one way: man seduces woman. We will therefore concentrate on this aspect of the relationship while talking about seduction, since we do not know any seduction school for women, but we know a lot of those schools for men, instead.

“The descendants of Casanova of our time are called Ross Jeffries, Major Mark Cunningham, Rob Johnson and David De Angelo, organize seminars and then sell audio- and videotapes on which their techniques for the allure and capture of worthy specimen of the female gender are taught. For our purposes, especially the material by Ross Jeffries is interesting, since his “Female Psychic Attack” — techniques often tap into the power of NLP for eliciting states of arousal. One of the techniques used by Jeffries for states elicitation is the use of metaphors to stimulate images of sexual nature by bypassing the filtering of the conscious mind. [...]

“[...] elements that are necessary for creating an emotional basis for a sexual act, really anticipating it, while he is apparently talking about a documentary he saw, and therefore cannot be blamed for explicit sexual talk. The real information gets through the filtering of the conscious and is perfectly understood by the subconscious of the target, who then creates the desired images of sexual content in her mind, intensifying therefore the state elicited through the embedded commands that Ross speaks out. Our Speed Seducer has developed hundreds of patterns like the one mentioned before, all ready to be used by his students. But these scripts are not the only interesting aspect of Ross work: weasel phrases like “if I were to say to you”, for example, tend to introduce a daring compliment or proposal while contemporarily providing a step-back path. Ross provides his students with many of these conversational tools. [...] A folkloristic note about Mr. Speed Seduction: the guy interpreted in Magnolia by Tom Cruise is based on the character of Ross Jeffries, though you will find in that movie no valuable information in regard of his taught material and his seminars (as well as his behaviour on stage) are much different than the one seen in the movie, though he surely is proud of his masculinity. [...]

“If you are more into getting involved into a real relationship following the initial phase of seduction, after having visited some Speed Seduction seminar, you could then perhaps become interested in the works by David DeAngelo and Major Mark Cunningham. Major Mark is Ross Jeffries’ favourite hypnotist and long time friend, and when he is not into teaching how to score with married women, he also can give good advices to harmonizing a couple taking actions that help her to achieve happiness in couple life (“Building A Better Girlfriend”), but always, in its essence, from a male point of view: all the activities aim ultimately at making her fit into his logic, the male is the head of a relationship which, from a hypnotic perspective, could be considered one-way (but not necessarily D/s, we’ll see why I make here this distinction in a proper chapter). David DeAngelo has learned NeuroLinguistic Programming too, but his horizons in regards of psychology are very wide [...] David DeAngelo starts from an evolutionary point of view, sees attraction more as a response to qualities that men emanate non-verbally through specific behavioural communication. This can be seen as energy work too, for the results that it aims at, but the tools for achieving this kind of energy are rooted completely into psychological reframing [...]”

[quoted from: Keys To Erotic Hypnosis]