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erotic hypnosis and the internet scene

“The fantasy of being enchanted by two beautiful, mesmerizing eyes, is common under people that are into erotic hypnosis, it is often the way these people approach the scene. The act of hypnotizing resembles the one of seducing in many ways. In both cases we have a skilled personality that enters the target’s mind, ultimately enchanting it to one’s will. The seducer achieves this by acting in a certain way, after having captured the target’s full attention and leading (or misleading) it appropriately. In literature you often find described how the seduced “succumbs the hypnotic charm” of the seducer or of the seductress. All these allegories tend, at last, to give an erotic note to hypnosis itself. As if this would not be enough, there is also the childish and unethical but widespread fantasy that many people have of getting someone fall in love with them through the coercive and unethical use of hypnosis. All this has lead to the development of a real fetish scene related to hypnosis, a scene that has often very little understanding of the rules and mechanisms that govern the field of hypnotherapy.”

[quoted from: Keys To Erotic Hypnosis]

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